Yoga for Renewal & Rejuvenation with Kevin Willcox

Great news! There is a summertime sub for Patty Gray’s Monday, 12:00-1:00pm Yoga for Renewal and Rejuvenation class. Kevin Willcox will be leading this class while Patty is away. Common Ground extends a warm welcome to Kevin; we’re so grateful to have you joining our team of yoga teachers!

This class is available on a drop-in basis. A drop-in class is $13 and available on our sliding scale based on income.

About  Kevin Willcox:
Kevin Willcox began his yoga practice in 2010 as a way to compliment his meditation practice and Tibetan Buddhist studies. For four years he practiced inner body vinyasa, as passed down by the Tibetan saint Lady Niguma, and Ashtanga yoga. Then one of his teachers told him to switch his focus from Ashtanga to yin yoga, which led him down a path toward therapeutic types of yoga and Kundalini. In his classes he uses breath and gentle movements to facilitate energy cultivation which is then extended to all parts of the body through careful asana.

About Yoga for Renewal and Rejuvenation (A Level 1 Yoga Class) 
It is never too soon nor too late to create a mind and body that together are strong, flexible, stable and balanced. Start or continue your yoga journey in this class which includes breath-linked movement and ends with supported relaxing poses. Individualized adjustments provide a class appropriate for those of all levels and abilities.
Open to students of all levels and ages. Mondays, 12:00-1:00pm. Please note: Common Ground will be closed on Monday, July 4th.