Yoga for Anxiety

This series is for everyone, whether you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder or you just get stressed out by life sometimes. Yoga can be an effective tool for managing anxiety, since the practice is all about present moment awareness.

In this class, we’ll use the mind/body connection to begin creating new mental habits, letting go of obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. Then, we can take everything we practice in the yoga studio, and use it to gain more ease and joy in our lives off the mat. We will practice asana, meditation, and pranayama. You’ll leave class feeling relaxed and reenergized with some extra tools for dealing with the challenges of life. Yoga beginners are very welcome!

This course will be offered on Mondays, January 7th – February 11th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm

This 5 week series is being offered Pay-What-You-Can $25-$100. The value of this series is $100. Sign-up from here.

You can pay online for the series in increments of $10 between $25-$100. You are also welcome to pay over the phone at 434-218-7677, or in person at our Jefferson School location when we have other services going on.

This series will require a minimum of 10 people to be signed-up. If we haven’t hit the minimum we will contact those already signed up so that we all have a chance to recruit a friend or two in the last few days!

Please note: No substitutions. Cancellations for this series must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the first class; refunds will not be issued after this point. Refunds are not available for missed classes.

Lisa Jakub first stepped into a yoga studio at age 30. She was dealing with debilitating anxiety as well as lingering pain and nerve damage from a childhood back injury. She was totally intimidated because she couldn’t even touch her toes, but what she found in the studio was both physically and emotionally transformational. Lisa has now had a devoted practice for more than eight years and she loves helping others discover the wide range of benefits that come from yoga.

Lisa’s training in Kripalu yoga has instilled in her the belief is that yoga is grounded in love, self-acceptance, and presence. Everything else is a side-effect. Her very first yoga student was her grandmother after her stroke — so those who are not traditional “yoga types” have a special place in her heart. Lisa is also the author of two books, she is a speaker, a writing teacher, and retired actor. For more: LisaJakub.net