Common Ground offers a variety of one day workshops and special events throughout the year. Please find the current offerings below. Registration is available over the phone at (434) 218-7677, or online.

 Winter Restorative Workshop

Grab whatever helps you feel extra cozy, and join us for a restorative yoga workshop focused on self-care! Discover relaxing poses using what you have at home as props. You’ll learn how to set up cozy, restorative yoga poses using things you have around the house, and you’ll learn the benefits of each pose. Andi will also share techniques to de-stress, and after the workshop, you’ll receive an emailed handout with each pose, props needed, and instruction for how to set up.

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 Sustaining Wellness in 2021

Join us for an easier path to sustain self-care resolutions. Reinforce wellness goals such as movement, meditation, food, or connection, applying tips from psychology, Buddhism and behavioral design.

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