Welcome to Common Ground, Kimberly Gladysz!

Common Ground is so grateful to have Kimberly Gladysz joining our team of yoga instructors. We love Kimberly’s positivity, and genuine warmth.

Join Kimberly for her Level 1 & 2 class on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:45pm!

About Kimberly:

When Kimberly was 5 years old, she wore a hula skirt everyday for a month. Her love for dance and the waves continues. She enjoys cooking and the way yoga helps her to enjoy life more from the inside out. As a yogini, she has been practicing for the past 18 years with a strong and fluid foundation in ashtanga yoga with Richard Freeman, and has delved into vinyasa, kundalini and bhakti yoga too.

She has lived and studied African dance in Guinea and NYC, and has danced hula and fire fans while teaching elementary school in California and Hawaii. She is a Bodymind therapist and weaves meditation into her practice. Kimberly loves her time with her friends, watching sunsets, and laughing. Her goal this year is to do a great handstand!