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 Saturday, March 18th
Common Ground Healing Arts
(233 4th St. NW – Jefferson School City Center, 2nd floor)

10:00am – Sacred Sound Meditation – Megan Sprague
11:00am – A Child and Family Friendly Meditation – Annelise Stunes of Bend Yoga
12:00pm – Insight Meditation – Jeff Fracher, Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville
1:00pm – Meditation with Auricular Acupuncture with Chitra Kate McDevitt
2:00pm – Meditation with Eboni Bugg, The Women’s Initiative
3:00pm – Nature-Based Meditation with Beverly Ingram of Go Into Nature
4:00pm – Meditation with Susan Bauer-Wu, The Mind & Life Institute
5:00pm – Meditation with Tilak Pyle of Mountain Lotus Watsu
6:00pm – A Time for Stopping Meditation with Asha Greer
7:00pm – Kirtan: A Call and Response Musical Meditation – Kevin Warren and Loren Oppenheimer

The Sit-a-Thon is Common Ground’s most important fundraiser of the year, and supports our mission to improve wellness throughout our community by expanding opportunities for accessible complementary health care. Our focus is on evidence-based practices such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and massage.

On Saturday, March 18th, mindfulness leaders from communities all over Charlottesville will lead 50 minute meditations from 10:00am to 6:00pm at Common Ground Healing Arts (233 4th St. NW – Jefferson School City Center, 2nd floor). At 7:00pm Kevin Warren and Loren Oppenheimer will lead a kirtan, a beautiful call and response musical meditation. Experienced and new meditators are welcome. This event is offered by donation, and you are welcome to stay for one meditation or all day. An amazing silent auction will also be going on all day. Learn more below.

Scroll down to learn more about the Sit-a-thon sponsors, the Sit-a-thon Silent Auction, individual sits and meditation leaders below!

Thank you to the 2017 Sit-a-thon Sponsors!!!!

Blue Ridge Bucha
Downtown Family Health Care
Hancock Financial Group
The Mind and Life Institute
Red Light Management
Rethreads Charlottesville
Wilkinson Wealth Management, LLC
Akasha Retreat Center
ArtistZen Business Management
The Elderberry Community Herbs and Healing
FIREFLY Charlottesville

Common Ground could not exist without community support from area businesses and organizations. THANK YOU to our sponsors for supporting Common Ground, and making wellness affordable and accessible in Charlottesville.

Holy moly, there are some really great experiences and items in this year’s silent auction. Come and bid your wallet out to support affordable wellness! Learn more about the items from here. And THANK YOU to the generous businesses and individuals who donated! The silent auction begins at 10:00am and closes at 7:00pm when the kirtan begins.

This year Common Ground is proud to have an Online Auction as part of our annual Sit-A-Thon. We hope you find some wonderful items to bid on. This auction is LIVE and taking bids from here. Bidding will close on March 31st at 7:00pm. Your item can be picked up from Common Ground the week following the auction. Shipping can be arranged for an additional cost.

Have questions about how to bid? We’ve created some directions for bidding on your computer or phone. Directions available here.


The 2017 Sit-a-thon
Learn more about each sit!

10:00-10:50am: Sacred Sound Meditation
Led by Megan Sprague

Using an array of tones, textures and rhythm, Megan will create a harmonious space for you to center and rejuvenate. This Sacred Sound Meditation may include chant or tone to open channels and move stuck energy. This Sacred Sound Meditation will begin with brief toning and chant to open channels, deepening our receptivity to the healing vibrations.
Please note, there will be some road closures around C-ville until 9:45am because of the 10 Miler. Clients coming from the Corner/ UVA Grounds/ Fry’s Spring neighborhood/ Alderman Road for this first meditation might especially want to consult the road closure list from here.

About Megan Sprague:
Megan Sprague is a local sound practitioner and care giver. In 2010, she experienced her first sacred sound bath and began her journey into conscious vibration. Since 2014, she has received 3 certificates in the States and Europe in various aspects of sound therapy. She continues to gather the tools, training and techniques that enhance her growth and vibrational understanding. Her personal mantra is “Health, Happiness, Harmony.” Megan is available for one on one healing sessions, community sound baths and workshops. Please visit restorativesounds.com for more information.

11:00-11:50am: A Child and Family Friendly Meditation with Annelise Stunes

In partnership with:

A short children’s yoga class followed by a practice in Starfish Stillness, child and family friendly meditation. Bring the whole family! Listening ears and silliness required. This will be led by Annelise Stunes.

Our fabulous friends at Bend Yoga are making this sit possible. We are so grateful to Kelly Cox and the rest of the crew at Bend Yoga for their support of Common Ground and their huge contributions to our community, helping create a culture of healthy yogi mamas and healthy yogi babes here in Charlotteville.

About Annelise Stunes:
Annelise started her yoga journey with the Warriors class at Bend when she was eleven years old. Six years and hundreds of classes later, she now teaches the next generation of yogis in the Friday Yoga Bears class and Yoga Bears summer camps. She continues to attend Bend’s teen classes while she finishes her associates degree at PVCC, and she will be very sad when she has to leave her family at Bend when she leaves for college in the fall of 2017.

12:00pm-12:50: Insight Meditation Led by Jeff Fracher of the Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville

We will be practicing Vipassana or Insight meditation which is believed to be the form of meditation closest to that which the Buddha taught 2500 years ago. Insight or Vipassana Meditation is a practice that trains us to live mindfully in the present moment. Vipassana literally means “to see clearly.” It enables individuals to experience all aspects of life from a place of stillness.

About Jeff Fracher:
Jeffrey Fracher, PhD, has been meditating since 1972 and practicing Insight Meditation since 1994. Of the many blessings in his life, the gift of the Buddha Dharma ranks highest for the positive impact it has had in all other aspects of his life.

1:00pm-1:50pm: Acu-Sit
A Meditation with Auricular Acupuncture
Acupuncture with Geoff Cox and Sarabeth Whedbee
Meditation Led by Chitra Kate McDevitt

During this guided meditation, you will have the unique opportunity to receive auricular (in the ear) acupuncture, which can help clear the mind, harmonize the nervous system and support our ability to appreciate and relax with ourselves as we are.


About Chitra Kate McDevitt:
Chitra Kate McDevitt RYT500 has been teaching Integral Yoga since 2003. She teaches Basic and Intermediate levels as well as Restorative Yoga. She has been working with Durga Leela and Yoga of Recovery since 2011 which combines ayurveda, yoga philosophy and 12-step principles. She is certified through the Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga and is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist which combines classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology.

geoff-coxAbout Geoff Cox:
Geoff Cox is a licensed acupuncturist and a Meditation Instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.  He leads teen and adult meditation retreats and workshops and is passionate about the intersection of Chinese medicine, mindful movement, meditation, and community building.  In his practice (hyperlink to www.acu-integral.com), he blends acupuncture with qi gong movement therapy, mindfulness, Heartmath® biofeedback and his experience as an Integral Professional Coach.

About Sarabeth Whedbee:
Sarabeth Whedbee is a 2000 graduate of the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Hallandale, FL.  She also received ordination from the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary (NY, NY) in 2008.  She was a certified alcoholism counselor in Maryland (1991) and is a graduate of St. Mary’s College, Maryland (1987).  She maintains a private practice in Charlottesville.

2:00-2:50pm: Yoga Nidra with Eboni Bugg of The Women’s Initiative

Sponsored by:





In partnership with:






In this hour we will practice Yoga Nidra for awakening your full potential. The yogis often call this practice “divine rest,” a gentle, yet powerful practice combining body awareness techniques and intention setting. The goal of Yoga Nidra is to reach a state of bliss and deep relaxation while remaining present. It has been shown to have a profound effect on our ability to manage stress, sleep well and manifest our highest goals.

About Eboni Bugg:
Eboni Bugg is a Therapist & Community Programs Director at The Women’s Initiative, a partner agency at the Jefferson School City Center.  She completed her Hatha Yoga training at Opal this spring and has additional certifications in Prenatal Yoga and Lifeforce Yoga for Depression & Anxiety.  She is passionate about the physical and emotional benefits of mindful movement, breathing and meditation.  In her practice, she helps people who are healing from trauma utilize these strategies to heal, grow and transform.

3:00-3:50pm: Nature-Based Meditation with Beverly Ingram of Go Into Nature

Come let the earth hold you. Rest and renew with nature as your inner resource and deep ally. Meditation will be indoors or out as weather permits.

About Beverly Ingram:
Beverly is a certified Ecotherapist and nature based wellness facilitator. As the founder of Go Into Nature, she offers experiences for adults and children to amplify their deep connection with the earth for healing, growth, and joy. She believes that falling in love with the earth is the key to taking care of our planet, just as the earth takes care of us, and that doing this in community is powerful. Learn more about her work via gointonature.com.


4:00-4:50pm: Meditation with Susan Bauer-Wu of The Mind & Life Institute

Sponsored by:






This meditation is sponsored by The Mind and Life Institute. The mission of the Mind & Life Institute is to alleviate suffering and promote flourishing by integrating science with contemplative practice and wisdom traditions.

About Susan Bauer-Wu:
Susan Bauer-Wu has dedicated her career to alleviating suffering and promoting well-being. With a foundation as a registered nurse caring for individuals with cancer and mental illness as well as those facing the end of life, she went on to a productive academic career studying and applying contemplative practices in health care and higher education. Susan is the President of the Mind & Life Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a powerful working collaboration and research partnership between modern science and contemplative practice. Learn more about Susan Bauer-Wu and the Mind & Life Institute.

5:00-5:50pm: Meditation with Tilak Pyle
of Mountain Lotus Watsu

Sponsored by:







Tilak’s sit will incorporate moving, walking, and seated meditation, both guided and silent. The focus will be on the quality of awareness that we bring to the sensations of the body, the flow of the breath, the ever changing mind, and the underlying peace within.

About Tilak Pyle:
Pyle has been a Yoga and Meditation practitioner for 18 years. As a teacher he is known for his sincerity, presence, and unflinching commitment to authentic being and sharing. He is also a Watsu Practitioner and offers this integrative and healing bodywork at Mountain Lotus Watsu in Afton, Virginia.

6:00-6:50pm: Time for Stopping
Meditation with Asha Greer

Sponsored by:





About this meditation: This meditation is an opportunity for you to do nothing and feel fine about it. With so much going on in our world and our lives, this is a chance to feel ok and at peace with doing nothing and being present.

About Asha Greer:
Asha Greer has practiced meditation for 50 years and has taught it for 40. She has been a school principal, a hospital nurse, a practitioner of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, a founder of the Lama Foundation, and a founder of the Hospice of the Piedmont. She is the mother of four daughters. She is a practicing artist.

7:00-7:50pm: Kirtan with Kevin Warren & Loren Oppenheimer


A kirtan is a beautiful musical call and response musical meditation that’s simple and joyful. We’ve heard it described both as , “a hootenanny with meditation” and “chanting with ecstasy.”

At a kirtan the performers and audience create the music together. Kevin and Loren will lead, and the rest of us will echo back. Singing is at the heart of the kirtan, but perfect pitch is not required. The more voices the better.

Loren Oppenheimer is a world class percussionist and tabla player. Kevin Warren is a singer who has led chanting groups in the Bhakti and Sufi traditions for 25 years. Together, with the help of the Divine, these two can bring it!