Release, Recharge, and Restore

This class is welcoming to all, no yoga experience required, class is accessible to most bodies, a great way to move, release and stretch without lots of up and down; and also a nice fit for those with a regular yoga practice, athletes, runners, and those that do a lot of strength training. Class includes time for muscle and fascial work with tennis balls, mobility work, active and passive stretches, extra supported time for lingering in restorative shapes. Benefits may include deeper sleep and more ease in your body, some relief from feeling stiff, slow-moving, sluggish, anxious or irritable.

This mellow class of practices, keeping restorative and sustainable movement paramount, is welcoming to most bodies with no required experience. Classes will use tennis balls or therapy balls but otherwise items that are likely in your home. Folded blankets or towels, robe belt or scarf if you do not have a yoga strap or long therapy band, yoga blocks would be helpful but not required.

This course will be offered on Tuesdays, February 16th – March 16th, 2021 from 6:45pm – 7:50pm. This is a live virtual class held via Zoom. The meeting link will be emailed to you one hour before each class starts.

This 5-week series is being offered Pay-What-You-Can $25-$100 per person. Sign Up here.

The full value of this class is $100. Learn more about our Pay-What-You-Can pricing.

You can register online, or over the phone at 434-218-7677.  

Please Note: No substitutions. Cancellations for this series must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the first class; refunds will not be issued after this point. Refunds are not available for missed classes.


About Cora: Cora Houghton RYT 500 hr and Accessible Yoga Teacher. Cora is a supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable guide for her students in movement and stillness. She provides comprehensive, welcoming, adaptable classes. Cora has been teaching professionally since 2014, introducing yoga to beginners and also teaching those with 30+ years of yoga experience ~ sometimes all in the same class. She creates classes that encourage body appreciation and enjoyment, aligned with the rhythms of the natural world and with the students present that day, and support sustainable movement and comfort. Her teaching style and classes are versatile. They are a challenging blend of playfulness, strengthening and relaxation; with the goals of current and long term stability, mobility, comfort and ease.

Cora teaches hatha, slow flow, vinyasa, chair, stretch and restorative yoga in studios, outdoors, in hospital settings and a variety of other spaces. She appreciates the opportunity to connect with others in this way. She values the multitude of benefits, above and beyond the physical aspects, possible with this kind of self care. She loves dispelling misconceptions about yoga, movement, and what people can accomplish and feel in their bodies.

She is excited to continue to learn, practice and take additional training to bring the best experiences and explorations to her students, and to continue to offer accessible and enjoyable movement classes to all.