Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training for Women of Color

This fall Common Ground Healing Arts, Charlottesville’s nonprofit community wellness center, is hosting a prenatal yoga teacher training for Women of Color in partnership with Sisters Keeper Doula Collective and Cox Pregnancy and Birth Support. This program is funded by Lululemon.

Sisters Keeper Doula Collective was founded in 2015 and has trained 65 Women of Color in the Charlottesville area to be doulas. Doulas provide prenatal support, continuous labor support, and postpartum care. Sisters Keeper makes having a doula affordable or free of charge for Women of Color who qualify in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Nelson, and Fluvanna.

Black infants in America are now (in 2018) more than twice as likely to die as white infants – a racial disparity that is actually wider than in 1850. Women of Color are disproportionately affected by poor outcomes and lack of access to quality healthcare. Sisters Keeper directly disrupts these broken systems by providing doulas to support women while they make safe, empowering decisions about their bodies and babies.

Sisters Keeper organizer Crystal Johnson says, “The Collective provides a sister for every birth to ensure that every mother feels supported, safe and respected throughout her pregnancy, labor & birth, and postpartum.  The prenatal yoga teacher training will allow us to expand our services to offer holistic prenatal support, which is vital for reducing poor outcomes for women of color in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.”

The Prenatal Yoga Training for Women of Color will be open to all women who have completed the Sisters Keeper Doula Collective Training program, and will be led by Kelly Cox. Kelly is a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher who has been teaching pre and postnatal yoga for 10 years. In 2014 she was trained as a birth doula, and is the co-owner of Bend, a pre and postnatal yoga studio.

The next Sisters Keeper Doula Collective Training will be April 2018. For more information visit

Funding for this program is made possible through Lululemon.