New Massage Therapist

Welcome our new Massage Therapist with Common Ground.  If you come in for a massage with either Heather or Moonglow you will get a New Massage Therapist rate of $50.00 for the month of October if you ask for the “New Massage Therapist Rate”.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Heather WaughHeather Waugh received her training in Massage Therapy from the American Institute of Massage in Richmond, Virginia and is certified as a Massage Therapist through the Virginia Board of Nursing. In addition to classical massage techniques, she is certified in Prenatal Massage and Thai Bodywork. Heather brings her artistic gifts into the practice of massage. Viewing each person she assists as a work of art with limitless and unique expressions. Heather received her training as a yoga instructor in 2000.  This knowledge and awareness of the human body and subtle energetic principles provide a secure foundation for facilitating holistic and transformational shifts to improve overall health and wellbeing. Heather has provided hands on care in the healing arts to a variety of people ranging from small children (that include her own two children from prenatal to present), athletes and seniors. Heather offers sensitive, responsive and effective care that will restore your sense of balance and relaxation.
HOURS:  Thursday’s 4:45pm – 8:15pm


Moon Glow Patricia Springer JpegPatricia “MoonGlow” Springer,  has been a Virginia Certified Massage Therapist since 1998. She has been massaging clients since 1993, after graduating from massage school in Tallahassee, Florida. She has massaged 7 years at a spa in Fredericksburg and 3 years at Ivy Commons Massage. She provides weekly seated massages at SNL Financial.

Her massages are mainly Swedish, integrating trigger point therapy, deep pressure, myofacial release and craniosacral therapy as needed. Collaborating with her clients, she uses tactile and verbal communication, training and intuition, to customize each session to support her client’s health and well being.
HOURS:  Monday’s 4:45 – 8:15pm