Mindfulness and Movement

YOGA: Yoga is the practice of aligning the mind, the breath, and the body through the use of physical poses. Though it originated as a discipline of Hinduism thousands of years ago, today yoga is practiced around the world by people of all religions, and no religion; its benefits are wide ranging and well-established.

Yoga’s mental effects include relief from anxiety, enhanced focus and concentration, and clarity of mind. It supports the body by increasing flexibility, strength, and coordination, which in turn help relieve pain and heal chronic injuries; it also enhances digestion, circulation, and immune response. The practice of yoga can also be of tremendous benefit to people recovering from trauma and mental illness by enabling them to reconnect with their bodies, build confidence in their own resilience, and master breathing techniques that promote relaxation and calm. Your yoga practice can be as gentle or as vigorous as you want it to be, and can accommodate any level of fitness; there is a yoga class for every body and every level of experience. 

Taking a yoga class together is a great way to build connection with a friend, partner, or child, and a great form of solo self-care for busy people who need a break. Common Ground offers a variety of yoga classes from different traditions and instructors.

Common Ground offers a variety of yoga courses from different traditions and at different levels. 

TAI CHI: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese holistic movement system. Outwardly, Tai Chi is a series of slow, smooth, circular movements. Practiced alone or in groups, people move through a series of movements which constitute a "form." Different people practice different forms, even different styles of movement, depending upon the "school" of Tai Chi they learned and the individual teacher who taught them. However, the specific movements are relatively unimportant; rather it is the way the movements are performed which is the important fact. Common Ground will be offering Tai Chi as a holsitic movement experience.

MEDITATION: Grounded in ancient traditions from around the world, the practice of meditation is one of the best-known and most accessible techniques for managing stress and stress-related health conditions like hypertension, heart disease, and chronic pain. The practice of meditation requires no special equipment, no particular skills, and no baseline of physical fitness: literally anyone can do it, just about anywhere. While there are innumerable different approaches and techniques, at its core, meditation is simply about being present with the breath. Building one’s ability to focus and center is the practice; breathe, notice the wandering of one’s thoughts, return to the breath. That is meditation at its essence.

Common Ground offers a variety of meditation courses from different traditions and instructors. A regular meditation practice is known to benefit conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to migraine and digestive disorders; it is also an invaluable tool for improving mental acuity, creativity, attention, perspective, and self-awareness. It requires little time, and benefits people of all ages, which makes it a wonderful wellness option for those with physical disabilities, limited financial resources, and parents interested in sharing a wellness practice with their children.

NIA and Nourishing Movement:  Nia and Nourishing Movement are designed to develop every aspect of your physical conditioning (strength, flexibility, agility, mobility and stability) while having fun!  You can dance your way to health,  reset your nervous system, reconnect with your shared humanity, and release stress for long-term health.

You can sign up for classes here. All class series classes are Pay-What-You-Can $5-$20 per class.

For example, a 6-week class series would be offered at $30-$120.