Mindful Movement at Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention

Pictured above: Sisters Julia von Briesen and Lydia von Briesen who teach Mindful Movement together at Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention.

Common Ground’s Mindful Movement program at Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention (BRJD) facility in Charlottesville has served more than 50 youth since it began 18 months ago.

The hour long weekly class teaches mindfulness skills and principles centered around breath work, yoga and meditation. Most importantly, the lessons examine how these skills and concepts can be practically applied to the everyday lives of the students, both during their time at BRJD and beyond.

Recent class favorites have been three-part breath work, a contagious laughter meditation and a rigorous hand-stand yoga sequence.

Mindful Chill Time – the deep relaxation period at the end of class – offers students time to receive guided relaxation and sound healing through a Tibetan singing bowl. Group discussion topics range from brain science to how it feels to send loving kindness to one’s self and others.

The students are eager for more information to supplement Mindful Movement! The program welcomes donations of relevant magazines, books, DVDs or CDs about mindfulness that would be interesting for teenage boys. Donations can be dropped off at Common Ground anytime that we have other services going on.

Have more questions about Mindful Movement at Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention? Please contact Julia von Briesen at jjvonbriesen at gmail dot com.