May C-ville Satsang: Discover Your Legendary Life

Common Ground is very happy to be hosting C’ville Satsang, a monthly gathering organized by Lynsie McKeown.

May 25th, 2:00-4:00pm at Common Ground Healing Arts.

Discover Your Legendary Life: A Workshop on Purpose, Awareness, Mindfulness, and Soul

When was the last time your soul was smitten? When you feel that undeniable spark of attraction, do you chase after it? Or are you stuck in the predictable patterns of daily life—just living on autopilot silencing your authentic self, and unaware of the deepest passions of your soul?

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to dig deep: nourishing your interests, celebrating your power, and daring to follow your wildest dreams!

Join Krupa Balasubramanya for a 2-hour workshop, where you’ll connect with your inner self: interrogating how you currently spend your time and why, exploring your natural interests and where they’re leading you, and even reigniting old passions. We’ll start with an introduction to numerology—explaining the significance of your number on your own, unique life. Then, we’ll open to self-reflection—identifying signs that your soul is smitten, re-patterning defeating self-talk, and creating an action plan for following your passions. You’ll leave with a deeper connection to yourself, a greater appreciation of your strengths, and ready to start living your most legendary life!


Krupalini Balasubramanya—you can just call her Krupa—is the heart, mind, and soul behind intuitive life coaching service Alpha Hearts and developer of the life-transforming FIT Method (Freedom Installation Technology). She is a qualified practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Timeline Therapy, Talk Therapy, and Hypnotherapy, with over two decades of experience in mentoring, coaching, and performance management. Krupa brings a dynamic blend of Western values and Eastern spirituality to her work—integrating her business knowledge and experience with her natural clairvoyant abilities, and practices like tarot card reading, numerology, yoga, reiki, and more. Having once survived a near-death experience, Krupa is dedicated to living her most legendary life—and to helping her clients live theirs as well!



About C’ville Satsang:

C’ville Satsang is a monthly gathering of diverse individuals that is dedicated to building a diverse community.  We are from various healing and wellness modalities, we are seekers, people longing for authentic connections, and people wanting to make positive changes in their lives.  Each month we have a new guest speaker, teacher, or presenter from the community come share their wisdom and knowledge as a way for us to grow and evolve on our spiritual path.   Guest teachers and topics range from Yoga, Meditation, Metaphysics, Vedic Astrology, Tea Tasting, Kirtan, Crystal Healing, Shamanism, Sufi Dancing, and much more.   Variety allows us to explore multiple modalities and meet leaders in our community and understand the resources available to us. Many of our guests are know and teach worldwide. It is an honor to have astounding and gifted volunteers each month.