Massage Availability 12/9-12/13

Here are the massages that are still available for this week, Tuesday 12/16 – Saturday, 12/20:

Tuesday, 12/16:
1pm w/ Joshua
2:05pm w/ Joshua
3:10pm w/ Joshua

Wednesday, 12/17:
4:50pm w/ Jarrel
6:00pm w/ Jarrel

Thursday, 12/18:
9am w/ Rosa (integrated acupressure therapy)
2:15pm w/ Cate
4:45 w/ Heather
6pm w/ Heather
7:15pm w/ Heather

Friday, 12/19:
9am w/ Star

Saturday, 12/20:
9am w/ Jessie
10:15am w/ Jessie
11:30am w/ Jessie

To schedule call 434-218-7677 or book online here.

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