Common Ground Yoga Student Jovan Williams

Common Ground client Jovan Williams has thoughtfully offered to share about her experience as a yoga student at Common Ground. We so appreciate Jovan’s willingness to share, and hope it inspires you to come and join us! If you are new to yoga or returning after a long absence, please give us a call at 434-218-7677 and we’ll help you find a class in which you’ll feel comfortable and welcome.

Unfortunately, I have experienced great difficulty with weight management in every decade of my life. Frequent injuries and osteoarthritis along with worsening asthma and allergies have all played a roll in my ability to maintain a good physical activity regimen.  While I very much enjoy exercise, especially strength training and stretching, the increasing severity of my asthma has posed breathing difficulties which make even low intensity cardio daunting.

After dislocating my right knee and breaking my right wrist, part of my recovery was focused muscle strengthening.  My then personal trainer encouraged me to use calisthenics and breathing exercises to work through the pain and improve my endurance.  On a whim, I tried a yoga class and was soon hooked.

Within just a few weeks I noticed a decrease in my waking pain, endurance and sleep habits.  Months later after yet another injury, I took time off, but then moved away to a new job and struggled to remember the poses and breathing techniques. But, thankfully many of my new coworkers enjoy yoga and set me on the path to find a yoga class in Charlottesville.

Since starting yoga at Common Ground, I have not only enjoyed the classes, but have learned deeper relaxation methods, experienced improved breathing with intense exercise, improved range of motion, increased strength & endurance and better sleep habits in my ongoing battle with phasic insomnia.  I have also seen improved digestion and circulation, two other areas I have struggled with long term.

Yoga is a great social activity in that it breaks down barriers across genders, races, cultures, socioeconomic levels, even languages.  I have met new people from many different areas who not only enjoy yoga, but have shared their stories as well.
Yoga challenges me to exceed my own expectations because I have already exceeded those of others just by doing it!