Happy Thanksgiving from Common Ground!

Common Ground Healing Arts wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

A few things we’re grateful for today:

1. The great work being done by the Holistic Life Foundation, and their commitment to “nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities.”  Ali, Atman, and Adres were recently featured at Tedx Charlottesville, and this video was shared before their speech. Incredibly inspiring work:

Trailer – Holistic Life Foundation from Chris Farina on Vimeo.

2. Our practitioners and clients. We need all of you to make Common Ground work, and we deeply appreciate our massage, meditation, acupuncture, and yoga practitioners – and we are grateful to each person who walks through our doors at the Jefferson School City Center, or attends one of our outreach programs.

3. Our future clients and practitioners. Are you someone who has been thinking in the back of your head that Common Ground is a really good idea, but you haven’t found your way here yet? We’ll we’re grateful for your support, and we want to meet you. Call to learn about our services, and find a way to make Common Ground a part of your life.

Come join Common Ground for yoga this Saturday, 11/29 from 9-10am (Yoga for Renewal and Rejuvenation w/ Kim Lo), 10:30-11:45am (Yoga for Beginner’s), or 12-1pm (Slow Flow with Caitlin). Happy Thanksgiving!