gratiTuesday with Lauri Ross

Common Ground is trying out something new, and we’re calling in gratiTuesday. Each Tuesday we’ll be asking clients and practitioners to share things they’re grateful for, and then we’ll spread the gratitude! What are you grateful for today? Share with us in the comments!

This week we’re checking-in with Lauri Ross who has been a certified massage therapist in practice since 1986. She incorporates many modalities into her massage sessions, including Swedish, myofacial release, deep tissue, acupressure, aromatherapy, and various energy techniques for pain relief and stress reduction.

From Lauri:

– I am deeply grateful for the beauty all around us if we only open our eyes.
– Music + dance. It feeds my soul to hear music and to move, and I’m grateful that I can.
– And of course my friends and family, and all of the love that’s out there.
(….also, vegetables, coffee and chocolate!)

Lauri is available for massages at Common Ground on Wednesdays from 1:15-3:23. Call 434-218-7677 to schedule an appointment with her or one of our other wonderful practitioners.