Creating New Habits in the New Year

Giving some thought to creating new patterns or habits in 2015? This article has some helpful suggestions, and a good reminder: it’s much less complicated for your brain to create new patterns than it is to break pre-existing habits. This has to do with synaptic patterns in our brains.

From the article:

The reality is, habits are easier to make than they are to break. If you repeat a behavior often enough, those synaptic pathways are going to get worn in. The human brain is a very adaptive piece of machinery.

This can be either encouraging information that maybe gives you the boost to try and institute that new habit, or an opportunity to increase compassion towards yourself as you let go of those habits that are no longer serving you.

To give yourself an even greater chance of success with your goals, the article suggests being very specific. Instead of setting generic goals such as, “I will take better care of myself in 2015,” or, “I will get into yoga this year,” try to dial-in exactly what you mean.

For example:
– I will get a massage once a month in 2015.
– I will go to Caitlin’s 12:30pm Slow Flow yoga class on Saturdays.
– I will go to 5 acupuncture sessions focused on the pain in my lower back.

See that difference? Vagueness, begone! Check out the full article from here.

What resolutions have worked for you in the past? What are you working on this year? We’d love to hear about it.