Intro to Compassionate Communication

There is a need in the heart of every human being to give and receive Compassion. In doing so we rediscover our natural state of being. Drawn from the teachings of the late Marshall Rosenberg, Compassionate Communication is a way of being that supports ourselves in the art of listening with empathy and expressing ourselves with honestly and clarity.

According to Marshall Rosenberg, everything we do is an attempt to meet a need and all criticism and conflict arises from unmet needs. The old model of expressing ourselves often includes using shame, blame, guilt, punishment and judgement in order to have our needs met. What is needed is a little re-education so that we might communicate in a different way in order to meet ourselves and others in mutuality and with compassion.

This work enriches relationships with family, friends and co-workers and can also support mediation in difficult situations and help to defuse violent confrontations.

Come join us in this series of five classes offered on Wednesdays, 7:00pm Р8:00pm, June 23rd through July 21st, 2021. This is a live virtual class held via Zoom. The meeting link will be emailed to you one hour before each class. 

The 5-week series is being offered at Pay-What-You-Can $25-$100 per person. The value of the series is $100. Sign-up here.

You can register online here or over the phone at (434) 218-7677.

Please note: No substitutions. Cancellations for this series must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the first class; refunds will not be issued after this point. Refunds are not available for missed classes.

About Amina: Amina Elizabeth Stevens has offered sessions at Common Ground in Gentle Trauma Therapy, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral and massage. She has been a practitioner and teacher in holistic wellness for over 30 years. Amina brings a background rich in the tradition of Sufism and a heart that desires to serve.