Common Ground Yoga Student Diane Bloom

Common Ground client Diane Bloom has thoughtfully offered to share about her experience as a yoga student at Common Ground. Thank you so much, Diane! If you are new to yoga or returning after a long absence, please give us a call at 434-218-7677 and we’ll help you find a class in which you’ll feel comfortable and welcome.

Soon after I turned 60 this year, I accepted my daughter’s invitation to join her for an All Levels yoga class at Common Ground. In my mind, the class would be a one-time only experience, an opportunity to share a rare evening out with my daughter. Since I considered the class to be a flash-in-the-pan, I never anticipated that I’d return for a second yoga class the very same week – and I’ve continued coming to yoga classes ever since! As a newcomer to yoga, I began my practice with personal concerns about my physical limitations. Thanks to the wisdom and guidance of my yoga teacher Cynthia Woodring, I have been learning to leave my personal insecurities at the door and have come to embrace the many benefits of my practice. Yoga at Common Ground has heightened my overall sense of well-being and has truly enriched my quality of life. I welcome this opportunity to express my gratitude and wholeheartedly encourage others to experience the wide range of classes and services at Common Ground.