Checking in with Melissa Behl

Common Ground client Melissa Behl included us in her piece on restoring for the holidays. Melissa is a nursing student, and has also made time to explore the mindfulness curriculum through the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center.

From her post:

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a booming area of research. What interests me is finding the best way to provide access to the modalities, germane to many folks aren’t hanging out on Maslow’s lowest 2 or 3 spots, to people who are unfamiliar with CAM and have a list as long as my arm of more immediate food-shelter-safety concerns. The people at Common Ground Healing Arts are making some impressive forays, working in public housing projects and a prison, and showing good results in terms of better controlled diabetes and lowered BPs. I came to them last winter with a note from the cancer center and they took care of my penniless self, too. I want to talk to them about their work. I kind of love them.

Melissa, we love you, too. (Not even just kind of.)

Check out the rest of her post here.