Frequently Asked Yoga Questions

Q: What is yoga?
A. Yoga is a mind-body practice with origins in ancient Indian philosophy. Its philosophical underpinnings encourage practices such as non-violence and peace of mind.

Q: Is yoga a religion?
A. Yoga is not a religion. It is a philosophy. People from all religions practice yoga, including Christianity.

Q: I am not flexible. Can I do yoga?
A. Yes! Flexibility is not a prerequisite for practicing yoga.

Q: What do I bring?
A. Nothing. Common Ground has everything you need.

Q: What do I wear?
A. Loose clothing

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?
A. Reserve your space online, call 434.218.7677 or drop in! We also have great 6 week series. Learn about them from here.

Q: Where is Common Ground located?
A. Downtown on the 2nd floor (suite 219) of the Jefferson School City Center. It’s easiest to use the doors on the left when you’re standing at the front of the building.

Frequently Heard Yoga Excuses

E: I’m too old.
A: We have a yoga student who is in her 90’s! We have classes for all ages. Our 93 year old student comes to Rebecca L’Abbe’s Gentle Yoga Series.

E: I’m too overweight.
A: Common Ground’s students and teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Accept where you are, we will.

E: I’ve never done yoga.
A: Perfect. Common Ground was designed for beginners.

E: I have a hurt back/shoulder/neck/knee…
A: Yoga has proven therapeutic benefits when carefully applied. Speak to your instructor before class if you have an injury or other physical concerns. They will teach you how to work around your problem areas.

E: I don’t know which class to take.
A: Call us at 434.218.7677. We’ll help.

E: I’m too busy.
A: Yoga is exactly what you need. The busier you are, the more in need of calm you are. The stillness and tranquility recharges your body and mind and actually makes you much more efficient.

We hope you come and join us for yoga soon!

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