Due to COVID-19, we are currently NOT able to book massage appointments.


Book a Massage or Zero Balancing session today! Common Ground has an incredible team of Massage Therapists and Zero Balancing Practitioners offering 60 minute sessions for Pay-What-You-Can between $60-$100. Scheduling a Massage or Zero Balancing session in advanced is required, so please book online or call us us at 434-218-7677.

When you come in for a Massage, the Massage Therapist will do a brief conversational consultation about why you are interested in having a massage. After the consultation, the Massage Therapist will leave the room and give you time to undress and get under the sheets and blankets. Most of our clients choose to be fully undressed under the sheets and blankets, but you are welcome to undress to your comfort level. The Massage Therapist will knock to make sure you have had time to get under the sheets.

If you prefer to stay fully clothed, Common Ground strongly recommends that you try Zero Balancing (ZB). Clients remain fully clothed during all ZB sessions. As such, please wear loose, comfortable clothes if you are coming in for ZB. Learn more about Massage and ZB below.


Massage is mobilization of soft tissue using manual therapy. Soft tissues include muscles, fascia, and ligaments.  Many touch modalities fall under this rubric, including Swedish massage, deep tissue, medical massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release. Learn more about these Massage Therapy techniques from here.

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a gentle but powerful touch therapy for the body and mind. ZB practitioners use gentle pressure and traction to release areas of tension in the bones, joints, soft tissues and energy fields of the body. Deeply relaxing and energizing, ZB helps relieve symptoms of physical and emotional stress, clears blocks in the body’s energy flow and amplifies vitality on all levels. During ZB clients stay fully clothed. As such, please wear comfortable clothes.


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Book online from here or call us at 434-218-7677.


Massage/ Bodywork Referral Program

Common Ground’s goal is to offer services that are affordable and accessible, and we recognize that “affordable” is a subjective term. With this is mind, we have created a referral program that offers massage at a lower pay-what-you-can range. Learn more about our referral program which works with partner agencies and healthcare providers from here.

What does Pay-What-You-Can actually mean?

It means just that: pay what you CAN (within the stated price range). Not to be mistaken for pay-what-you-WANT. For example, yoga is offered Pay-What-You-Can $5-$15. This may mean you pay $5 one week and $10 the next. The point is to make it possible for you to get the health services you need as often as you need it, while still paying our practioners and staff fair wages.

Still have questions about how Pay-What-You-Can works?

Learn more from here.