Chair Yoga for Respiratory Health and Feeling Good

Think about standing and bending over to touch our toes. If our hamstrings are very tight, maybe we touch our knees. With consistent practice, bending enables more range of motion. The same is true for our airways, elastic in nature but without truly engaging, losing range of motion in their ability to stretch to accommodate a fuller breath. It actually does take some practice, to access our full breath.

Chair yoga class is useful for not getting up and down from the floor. We challenge ourselves, standing and using the chair for support, and sitting while still managing to stretch out our entire body. The way we bend and twist lets us open different sections of our lung capacity. While this session focuses on respiratory resilience, session classes also stress how back pain may be improved and can support our immune system, by way of our lymphatic stimulation. These yoga stretches come from ancient traditions and today we recognize the medical science benefits and the many ways a yoga practice can  lively up our inner selves.

This course will be offered on Thursdays, 4:00pm – 5:15pm, April 1st through May 6th, 2021. This is a live virtual class held via Zoom. The meeting link will be emailed to you one hour before each class starts.

This 6-week series is being offered at Pay-What-You-Can $30-$120 per person. The value of the series is $120. Sign-up here.

You can register online here or over the phone at (434) 218-7677.

Please note: No substitutions. Cancellations for this series must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the first class; refunds will not be issued after this point. Refunds are not available for missed classes.

John Kortmulder opened Mindful Mountain Yoga in Amherst County in 2015, offering group and private classes, and yoga teacher training. He began teaching yoga in 2003. after years of traditional yoga mentorships, practicing weekly sitting meditation and participating in several week-long meditation retreats at Chung Yen Monastery, Carmel, NY.
In addition, John’s experience includes 4 years assisting rehab in outpatient and in hospital settings, 4 years as ICU nursing assistant and hospital support for patients with mental health challenges including suicide ideation, addiction withdrawal, and dementias. John studied Respiratory Therapy and received an EMT certification.

John’s yoga classes focus on athletic training and personal improvement, as well as injury and illness support. As a Mindfulness teacher, John’s classes incorporate both spiritual and mundane approaches to touching our essence. John trained several years as a marathon runner, finishing ahead of 30,000 runners in the NYC Marathon, in both 1997 and 1998.

John continues to learn an understanding of body and mind through movement and mindfulness.