Common Ground is grateful for the leadership of our Board of Directors, and the countless hours logged each month by our awesome team of volunteer professionals.  Here is our 2019 Annual Report:

Board of Directors:

Megan Bloom, Ph.D
Lindsay Campbell
Julie Connelly, MD
Hana Fisher
Ken Horne
Zoe Krylova
Benita Mayo
Diana Webb
Sarabeth Whedbee -LAc

Advisory Board:

Lili Powell, Ph.D
Vivi Rogers
Kate Hallahan Zuckerman
Paige Ryan
Lilly Bechtel
Diane Bloom
Dolly Joseph, Ph.D

Staff Members:

Rachel Kiliany, Executive Director
Simone Sibley, Operations Manager
Kendall Willis, Customer Care Specialist
Rosemary Quade Nichols, Customer Care Specialist
Malati Mari, Customer Care Specialist