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Common Ground is grateful for the leadership of our Board of Directors, and the countless hours logged each month by our awesome team of volunteer professionals:

Board of Directors:

Megan Bloom, Ph.D – Doula
Julie Connelly, MD – Director of Media Production at FCO
OPEN – Treasurer
Zoe Krylova – Doula
Melissa Meece – Board SecretaryRethreads, Firefly, owner
Sarabeth Whedbee – Acupuncturist, Common Ground Healing Arts & Sober Dragon
Ken Horne – MFA, LCSW, Licensed Psychotherapist at Horne Psychotherapy


Advisory Board:

Lili Powell, Ph.D – Assistant Professor Leadership and Management Communication, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
Vivi Rogers – The Mind and Life Institute, Director of Administration and Finance
Kate Hallahan Zuckerman –  Founder, Common Ground Healing Arts and Co-Owner of Barefoot Bucha
Paige Ryan
Lilly Bechtel
Diane Bloom
Dolly Joseph, Ph.D


Staff Members:
Elliott Brown, Executive Director, elliott@commongroundcville.org
Raven Robinson, Marketing & Operations Director
Sahara Clemons, Customer Care Specialist
Rosemary Quade, Customer Care Specialist
Margaret Ulrich, Customer Care Specialist