A Mindful Exploration of Whiteness: Meditation, White Privilege & White Fragility – Early Summer

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***This series will be held at Trinity Episcopal Church (1118 Preston Ave. Charlottesville); Directions and information on parking available from here.***

Though white Americans have been the dominant racial group in this country for centuries, many, if not most whites, carry very little awareness of whiteness or its implications as we move through our days. If you racially identify as white, how often do you bring to conscious awareness the color of your skin in daily life? Have you contemplated the impact your whiteness has had on your educational background and professional advancement? Are you aware of the governmental policies that have allowed whites to own property and amass wealth to the detriment of African-Americans and other peoples of color? What are some of the hidden ways with which whites continue to dominate the power structures of this nation and this community?

In this, meditation-centered course, we will explore and investigate these kinds of questions, both as a class and individually. Each week’s class will revolve around a part of American life built upon racial hierarchy, i.e. education, housing, the legal and justice systems, and the racial history of Charlottesville itself. Short periods of guided meditation each week will support our exploration and the concurrent (usually difficult) emotions that can arise in discussions about this deeply-entrenched and also supremely urgent topic.

This class will involve weekly readings, podcasts and videos, which will help to facilitate learning and class participation. Sharing in group discussions and dialogue will be encouraged! Learning how to speak openly and with greater awareness about one’s race is a lifelong process – a process that can be shared with others to create a more just and meaningful world.

This series will be offered on Wednesdays, 6pm-7:15pm from June 5th – July 17th, 2019 at Trinity Episcopal Church.  *Please note: class will NOT be held July 3rd, 2019.

This 6 week series is being offered Pay-What-You-Can $30-$120. The value of this series is $120. Sign-up from here.

You can pay online for the series in increments of $10 between $30-$120. You are also welcome to pay over the phone at 434-218-7677, or in person at our Jefferson School location when we have other services going on. 

Scholarships for this series are available. For information on scholarships, please send an inquiry to info@commongroundcville.org.

This series will require a minimum of 4 people to be signed-up. If we haven’t hit the minimum we will contact those already signed up so that we all have chance to recruit a friend or two in the last few days.

 Please note: No substitutions. Cancellations for this series must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the first class; refunds will not be issued after this point. Refunds are not available for missed classes.

About Liz Reynolds: Liz Reynolds has been a student of racial injustice in our country since her time in college in DC almost ten years ago. Becoming aware of the segregation and inequity in that city led her to numerous volunteer activities that only cemented her awareness of the legacy of slavery. Her participation in a White Awake group through the Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville has encouraged her to look deeply at the social inequities in our community and has motivated her to work toward increased awareness. Liz has sustained a personal meditation practice since 2010; yoga and Alexander Technique teacher training have reinforced her spiritual practices as she continues the lifelong process of being present with and inhabiting her body.