5 Mindfulness Tips for the Office that We Actually Use

The internet has no shortage on suggestions for how to bring some mindfulness into your workday (if you’re looking for suggestions we like these, these, and these), but we’ve decided to share 5 tactics that we actually use here at Common Ground to keep ourselves focused and at ease throughout the day.

1. Let your text message alert be a reminder to take a deep breath.
Taking something that normally creates a Pavlovian must-look-now response and making it into an opportunity to check in with your breath? Yeah, we’re trying it. Next time you’re at Common Ground, keep an ear open for Rosemary’s phone. Her gong text message notification is the perfect reminder to pause and take a deep inhale.

2. Take a walk. Leave your phone behind.
We’re lucky because whether we head up West Main or towards the downtown mall, we’re in a good location for a walk. When you leave your phone behind you’re more likely to read the funny chalkboard notes in front of JM Stock or wave to your friend who’s driving too fast and doesn’t see you (you know who you are. Perhaps we should make a mindful driving list next…).

3. Find a space in your workday for a 5-10 minute meditation.
Carving out 5, 10 or even 20 minutes for meditation can be of great benefit for productivity and patience with coworkers or clients. Since Common Ground is built around evidence based practices, our workplace is especially well suited for this. What would it be like to try it out in your office?

4. Drink lots of water – it leads to walking to the bathroom.
The benefits of staying hydrated are well touted, familiar territory. A less talked about effect of the eight-cups-a-day lifestyle is the fact that this leads to frequent trips to the bathroom – which can beautifully tie in with the recommendation to walk at least two minutes every hour. This app is also a help.

5. Do something nice for someone.
This seems like a no-brainer, but we live in a busy world that sometimes seem to value productivity over kindness, so it’s making the list. Whether it’s getting tea for a coworker, asking about their weekend (and listening while they tell you about it!) or telling a joke you know will make someone smile, doing something nice fills your co-worker’s cup and your own. We in the mindfulness biz call that a win-win 🙂

If you’d like more information on bringing mindful modalities such as chair massage, yoga or meditation to your office read about Ground Work – our workplace wellness program – or email Paige at paige@commongroundcville.org