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Common Ground Healing Arts

Community-based programming opens access to treatment. We eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic, socio-economic and environmental barriers to starting a program of health. Regardless of the setting, our practitioners create a zone of peace for our patients.
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Jess Croes

Community-Based Acupuncture


10:30am to 12:30pm

Blue Ridge Center

100 Burnet Street

(just off Elliott Avenue)

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Or call 434-218-7677

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"Finding out about Common Ground was a life saver last Fall. The aches, pains, fears of immobility and ensuing diminished life prospects were starting to creep in and at times totally take over. The healing and life enhancing modalities offered at Common Ground have given me new hope of living out my days as a fully functioning contributing albeit old lady with appropriate mobility and I CAN AFFORD THEM.  I now truly believe that there are lots of laughs and fun times still to be had!" --IB

“Through this transition, I think we all came to realize the truth: that Common Ground does not require a physical space in any one location to call home in order for the mission of Common Ground to carry on. CGHA is the result of compassionate, empathetic healers and teachers coming together to share their skills with their community. Anywhere this happens is a place where Common Ground can thrive: the idea continues to live on in the community it serves.”

 Sam Pierceall

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