Q&A with Acupuncturist Robert Hoffman

Robert Hoffman has extensive experience as an acupuncturist, having practiced both acupuncture and herbal medicine for 19 years in Florida. He has traveled throughout the world studying and learning universal truths to support and create healing from within. Common Ground Healing Arts is thrilled to have Robert on board, and enjoyed hearing his answers to […]

gratiTuesday with Lauri Ross

Common Ground is trying out something new, and we’re calling in gratiTuesday. Each Tuesday we’ll be asking clients and practitioners to share things they’re grateful for, and then we’ll spread the gratitude! What are you grateful for today? Share with us in the comments! This week we’re checking-in with Lauri Ross who has been a […]

Q&A with Yoga Teacher Barbara Germershausen

Barbara Germershausen has been teaching yoga since 1984. She founded Yoga House in Austin, Texas, operating from 1989 through 1996. During that time, she developed and directed a 300-hour teacher training program and taught yoga to inmates at a nearby Federal prison. After moving to Charlottesville in 1996, Barb taught at Living Yoga before opening […]