July C-Ville Satsang: The Neuroscience Behind the Law of Attraction

July C-Ville Satsang: The Neuroscience Behind the Law of Attraction: How to Leverage Your Mind to Create What You Want

­Common Ground is very happy to be hosting C’ville Satsang, a monthly gathering organized by Lynsie McKeown. This event is offered to the community at no charge; donations to Common Ground are welcome to support use of their space.

About July Satsang: Saturday, July 21st from 2 – 4 pm

Ever notice how when you decide to buy a blue Honda Civic, you suddenly start to notice blue Honda Civics everywhere? It’s as if they’re everywhere. Right?

Or when you start thinking of going on a trip to Italy, you suddenly see and hear things about Italy all the time?

They didn’t just magically appear. You just activated the seeking system (RAS) in your brain. It’s the part of your brain designed to filter out “noise” and focus. When you decide to focus on something, you also tell your brain to gather evidence for it/validate it. 

You can leverage this.

Brooke will teach you how to harness and magnify the power of your Reticular Activating System and bring new understanding to “The Law of Attraction”.

These techniques are what Brooke has used to create things like 30k months, 60k in 20 days, world travel with Business Class flights, deeper connection to Source and an unshakeable mindset for both herself and her clients.

The truth is- you ARE magic. Your brain IS incredible. Your mind IS powerful….when you focus its power you can create what you want.

When you know how to use it intentionally, so much is possible.

About Brooke:

Brooke is a Life and Business Coach who takes Intuitive, High Achieving Entrepreneurs to their next level.
She combines her background in Psychology and Neuroscience, 5 years working as a psychotherapist, 6 years apprenticing under a Toltec Shaman, 13 years practicing meditation and 15 years as an Intuitive Energy Worker in her current coaching business. She built her multi 6 figure business from the ground up, while traveling the world, and teaches others how to create the life they truly want too. 

About C’ville Satsang: C’ville Satsang is a local group of like-minded individuals seeking a greater sense of community and connection through the love of all things yoga. Once a month we gather together to play, practice, discuss, meditate or chant. This group is intended as a collaboration between teachers, students and the yoga curious as a way to keep expanding our knowledge and loving support off our mats.

About Lynsie McKeown:Yoga came into Lynsie’s life during a challenging time of transition and loss. The practice of Yoga provided a way to transform struggle into opportunity and she continues to draw inspiration from the never-ending journey of the human heart. Her devotion for greater awareness and spiritual growth are reflected in her teaching and writing. She strives to support, uplift and empower others to walk their own path to healing and growth with courage, authenticity and grace. Lynsie also holds a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and an Assisted Thai Yoga Bodyworker.

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