December C-Ville Satsang

The holidays are in full swing and so is our stress!  Take a break, get centered and deeply rest.  Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation technique with proven results to help you release anxiety, tension and dis-ease from the tissues of the body and the layers of mind.  A perfect reset for your entire body.
Learn about the techniques of Yoga Nidra, when to practice, and and why it is so beneficial.  And especially enjoy a 30-40 minute practice to bliss.  Wear comfortable layered clothing. Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down on the floor with blankets and bolsters to help us stay warm and cozy.
There will be room at the end to ask questions and socialize with Satsang community.

About C’ville Satsang:
C’ville Satsang is a local group of like-minded individuals seeking a greater sense of community and connection through the love of all things yoga. Once a month we gather together to play, practice, discuss, meditate or chant. This group is intended as a collaboration between teachers, students and the yoga curious as a way to keep expanding our knowledge and loving support off our mats.

This event is offered to the community at no charge; donations to Common Ground are welcome to support use of their space.

Questions? Please reach out to lynsie.mckeown at gmail dot com.

Lynsie McKeown is the organizer of C’ville Satsang and is pleased to lead this December’s gathering. As a student and teacher of yoga and meditation, personal trainer, and educator, Lynsie helps individuals find the right combination of tools to build a solid foundation for positive change. Lynsie believes we all have the capability to heal, transform and awaken to our full potential. Her passion is to share the methods that enable each of us to thrive and live an empowered life. Lynsie holds a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia, is a Certified Yoga Teacher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and an Assisted Thai Yoga Body Worker.

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