Book a massage today! Common Ground has an incredible team of massage therapists offering 60 minute massages for Pay-What-You-Can between $60-$80. Scheduling a massage in advanced is required, so please book online or call us us at 434-218-7677.

Common Ground’s goal is to offer services that are affordable and accessible, and we recognize that “affordable” is a subjective term. With this is mind, we have created a referral program that offers massage at a lower pay-what-you-can range. Learn more about our referral program which works with partner agencies and healthcare providers from here.

What does Pay-What-You-Can actually mean?

It means just that: pay what you CAN [within the stated price range]. Not to be mistaken for pay-what-you-WANT. For example, yoga is offered Pay-What-You-Can $5-$15. This may mean you pay $5 one week and $10 the next. The point is to make it possible for you to get the health services you need as often as you need it, while still paying our practioners and staff fair wages.

Still have questions about how Pay-What-You-Can works?

Learn more from here.