AcroYoga for Beginners & Beyond: A 6 Week Series

Acroyoga blends partner yoga, acrobatics, and thai massage to explore balance and connection with others. Learn poses and transitions in a safe, controlled manner as you unlock your inner child. No experience is necessary.  We will start with the basics and use progressions to build up to certain skills.  For those who have more experience with AcroYoga […]

Yoga for Anxiety: New Year’s Session

This series is for everyone, whether you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder or you just get stressed out by life sometimes. Yoga can be an effective tool for managing anxiety, since the practice is all about present moment awareness. In this class, we’ll use the mind/body connection to begin creating new mental habits, letting go […]

Restorative Yoga with Thai Body Work: New Year’s Session

Two great yogas that are even better together! Come relax and rejuvenate into deep restoration of body, mind and spirit with restorative/thai yoga. Restorative yoga uses props to support the body, you experience the posture passively allowing gravity and specific positioning on the props to open and deeply stretch the body. Thai Yoga combines traction, […]

New Year’s Yoga Session

The New Year’s Yoga Session at Common Ground is comprised of 6 week class series, all of which are offered Pay-What-You-Can $30-$120. Pre-registration is required and available from any of the links below, or you are welcome to call us at 434-218-7677 to register over the phone. We hope you’re able to come and join us!

Nourishing Our Bodies, Nourishing Our Souls: Herbal Tea Tasting

You are invited to partake in a sensual experience that will help you focus your mind and be more present in your body. Led by herbalist Jan Wolfe of The Elderberry, we will specific herbal teas covering the tastes of bitter, sweet, sour, salty, pungent and how these play into the energetics of hot/cold, wet/dry, […]

Yoga as a Support for Healing Trauma

Rooted in the researched approach developed by Bessel Van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score and David Emerson, author of Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga, this workshop will offer a yoga practice that prioritizes the needs of students recovering from trauma. Each class will consist of a yoga practice combining movement, breath work […]

Your Donations Can Make Charlottesville Healthier and More Peaceful

Dear friend, We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying moments of ease and joy in your everyday life. Common Ground has great news to share! We have an anonymous donor matching $25,000 of our fundraising efforts at this time; this means your tax deductible end-of-year donation, large or small, will be doubled by our donor! Please help […]

IMCC Intro to Mindfulness: A 6 Week Series

Please note: pre-registration for this series is required. Registration is available from here. IMCC will offer a six-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Class open to anyone who is new to meditation or who would like to establish a regular practice of mindfulness and Insight Meditation. The class will cover introductions to mindfulness of the breath, the body, […]

Intro to Yoga: New Years Session

Curious about yoga and want to learn more? Get answers in this welcoming and interactive 6 week series that is open to all ages, bodies, and fitness levels. During these 6 weeks, we will teach you how to practice yoga poses, breathing, and healthful attitudes. Over time, learn to reduce stress and enjoy improving your […]

Acupuncture on Saturdays in December

During December acupuncturist Robert Hoffman will be offering Community Acupuncture from 10:20am-12:00pm on Saturdays. If it is your first session, it will be Pay-What-You-Can $35-65; all subsequent sessions are Pay-What-You-Can $20-$50. Booking in advance is required. You can schedule your appointment online from here or by calling us a 434-218-7677. Wondering what Community Acupuncture is, or why people try acupuncture in general? […]