A Time for Stopping with Asha Greer

Starting this Friday (November 21st) at 6:30pm, Asha Greer will offer a 5 week series of meditations at Common Ground. Drop-ins very welcome. These Friday evening meditations are an opportunity for you to embrace doing nothing. That’s right: nothing. With so much going on in our world and our lives, this is a chance to […]

Yoga at Your Desk

Raise your hand if you’re doing work at a desk right now! Oh wait, we can’t see you – but that arm raise did just help get your blood flowing. Yoga Journal has 15 days of yoga to try at your desk and this sunny, cool Friday is as good a day to start as […]

Holiday Gift Certificates & a Chance to Win

In addition to our Holiday Wellness Packages, Common Ground is offering another excellent way to share the gift of good health. The first forty folks to purchase $100 worth of gift certificates will be entered into a drawing to receive a $150 Wellness Package.  You can purchase the certificates in any amounts totaling $100.00; feel […]

Yoga for Vets

In honor of Veteran’s Day this year Common Ground has joined the network of studios and individuals offering yoga through Yoga for Vets. Yoga for Vets is a non-profit that exists to welcome home war veterans and help them cope with stress of combat through yoga instruction. Common Ground now offers four free yoga classes […]

NEW Acupuncturist

Welcome our new Acupuncturist with Common Ground.  If you come in for an appointment with Robert you will get a New Acupuncturist rate of $40.00 for the next 30 days if you ask for the “New Therapist Rate”.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Robert A. Hoffman has been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine […]

New Massage Therapist

Welcome our new Massage Therapist with Common Ground.  If you come in for a massage with either Heather or Moonglow you will get a New Massage Therapist rate of $50.00 for the month of October if you ask for the “New Massage Therapist Rate”.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Heather Waugh received her training […]

Wish List

By popular request from so many,  we now have a wish list…….. Volunteer proficient in Social Media, i.e. Facebook, Hootsuite, etc Eco Friendly Hand Lotion for bathrooms minimal to no fragrance 2 gently used desk lamps for outreach office  

Promo Images for 2015 Sit-a-Thon

The images below can be used to promote the 2015 Sit-a-Thon. On a PC, right-click the image and save it to your computer. On a mac, hold down “control” and click on the image to save.        

Common Ground News Release

Watch our news release on Alternative Healing at Common Ground.          

Holistic Life Foundation Partnership

Common Ground is excited to strengthen our developing partnership with the Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) in Baltimore, MD.  On November 4th, Director for Community Engagement (Phoebe Haupt) visited their program at an elementary school in Baltimore.  As an experiential participant in the yoga and mindfulness offerings that HLF has been providing in public schools in inner […]