Yoga for Renewal & Rejuvenation (Level 1) – Mondays, 12-1pm

Patty Gray is back and teaching her Monday, 12-1pm Level 1 class – Yoga for Renewal & Rejuvanation. Yeah!! About Yoga for Renewal and Rejuvenation A Level 1 Yoga Class   It is never too soon nor too late to create a mind and body that together are strong, flexible, stable and balanced. Start or continue your […]

Cultivating a Home Practice

Cultivating a home practice is one of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself. A home practice helps you learn how to listen to and honor your individual needs moment to moment, day to day, and season to season. It’s an opportunity not only to engage in physical movement but also to practice giving […]

Acupuncture for Allergy Relief

As we start to close in on ragweed season in central Virginia, it’s almost time to reach for the netipot and buy some kleenex in bulk. If you find yourself sneezing, and sniffling your way through the end of August, consider trying acupuncture as a way to manage your symptons. In this study from 2014 it was […]

5 Mindfulness Tips for the Office that We Actually Use

The internet has no shortage on suggestions for how to bring some mindfulness into your workday (if you’re looking for suggestions we like these, these, and these), but we’ve decided to share 5 tactics that we actually use here at Common Ground to keep ourselves focused and at ease throughout the day. 1. Let your text message […]

Yoga for Beginners: Aug. 19th – Sept. 23rd

Are you new(ish) to yoga and ready to grow your confidence? Lili Powell is offering a highly-requested Yoga for Beginners Series designed for folks who are familiar with yoga basics, but want one more safe stepping stone before diving into Level 1 & 2 drop-in classes.  This welcoming and interactive 6-week series is open to […]

Benefits of Gratitude

A popular proverb has been floating around the internet for a while, being attributed to people like Emerson, to Gandhi, to Lao Tzu, and many more. There are a few iterations, but this is my favorite:Plant a thought and reap a word; plant a word and reap an action; plant an action and reap a habit; […]

Closed Saturday, July 4th

Intro to Yoga with Cynthia Woodring

Curious about yoga and want to learn more? Get answers in this welcoming and interactive 6 week series that is open to all ages, bodies, and levels. For the first 5 weeks, Cynthia will teach you how to practice yoga poses, breathing, and healthful attitudes. For the 6th week, participants will be offered a pass that will […]

Buy your Festy tickets and support Common Ground

October 9th-11th you will find Common Ground out in Nelson at The Festy Experience offering daily yoga, in the front row when John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett play, and raising our reusable cups to that beautiful blue ridge. Buy your Festy tickets between today and this Friday (June 12th) and Festy will donate $15 to Common Ground for […]

June 13th at 7pm: Sit-a-Thon Kirtan

Kevin Warren and Loren Oppenheimer are leading the 2015 Sit-a-Thon Kirtan sponsored by The Festy Experience. A kirtan is a beautiful musical call and response musical meditation that’s simple and joyful. We’ve heard it described as, “a hootenanny with meditation.” At a kirtan the performers and audience create the music together. Kevin and Loren will […]