C-Ville Satsang: The Yoga of Breath and Sound

Common Ground is very happy to be hosting C’ville Satsang, a monthly gathering organized by Lynsie McKeown.

About C’ville Satsang:
C’ville Satsang is a local group of like-minded individuals seeking a greater sense of community and connection through the love of all things yoga. Once a month we gather together to play, practice, discuss, meditate or chant. This group is intended as a collaboration between teachers, students and the yoga curious as a way to keep expanding our knowledge and loving support off our mats.

This event is offered to the community at no charge; donations to Common Ground are welcome to support use of their space.

About November 2018’s Satsang:
November 10th2:00-4:00pm at Common Ground Healing Arts

An intermingling of presentation and participation, Brian will present simple and accessible techniques to utilize our natural capacity of breath and sound as a means for relaxation, revitalization, and vibrational nourishment.  We will discuss and practice many important yogic breathing techniques, as well as explore the powerful world of toning, mantra, and Kirtan, using our own voice as a vehicle for meditation, and ultimately… music!

About Brian Festa:
Brian Festa is a Classical yoga practitioner and teacher, World Percussionist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Tabla accompanist for Kirtan and Classical Indian music. He has trained in the US, Europe, Thailand, and India. He practices and teaches in the way that traditional yoga and music is taught in India.

When teaching Hatha, he emphasizes the breath as the primary component in our practice, and includes many seldom-used breathing practices into his classes.  He gives insightful cues to bring awareness to equal distribution of weight, and empowers students to hold poses comfortably for longer lengths of time in order to develop stable and vibrant neuromuscular connections, joint strength, and to embody the aim of yogasana as it is taught in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras: “Sthira Sukhasanam” – Sanskrit translation: Steady, Comfortable Pose.   From this place, deep anatomical self-inquiry can be made, allowing the nervous system to heal the body, in the way it was intended, through these ancient teachings.

When teaching Indian music, he leads a fun and dynamic space to bridge our western musical understanding to the eastern sonic realm.  While paying homage to the immaculate beauty of the rhythms and melodies of the tradition, Brian is skilled at working with those with little, to no knowledge of Indian music, bringing out the beauty in the voice they never knew they had.

When he is not traveling, teaching, performing, giving workshops, or practicing bodywork, you will find him cooking, practicing music, or communing with nature.

About Lynsie McKeown:
Yoga came into Lynsie’s life during a challenging time of transition and loss. The practice of Yoga provided a way to transform struggle into opportunity and she continues to draw inspiration from the never-ending journey of the human heart. Her devotion for greater awareness and spiritual growth are reflected in her teaching and writing. She strives to support, uplift and empower others to walk their own path to healing and growth with courage, authenticity and grace.

Lynsie also holds a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and an Assisted Thai Yoga Bodyworker.

Questions? Please reach out to lynsie.mckeown at gmail dot com