Acupuncture Special for Nurses through the end of April 2018

Through the end of April 2018, if you are a nurse Common Ground will waive the $15 first-time Community Acupuncture Consultation Fee. This makes nurses’ first appointment Pay-What-You-Can $20-$50.

This nurses’ special is Common Ground’s way of saying THANK YOU to our town’s compassionate caregivers, tireless patient advocates, and skilled decision makers who rock their scrubs and probably don’t hear our appreciation enough.

How to get your nurse’s discount/ waived fee: When you book, book as a NEW Acupuncture Client. Please bring your hospital ID badge, nursing documentation, or wear your scrubs! Discount will be applied at check-out.

What to know about Community Acupuncture: Community Acupuncture at Common Ground allows up to 6 clients to receive treatment in the same room.  This allows us to provide more affordable acupuncture treatments, and also creates an environment where people can heal in community.  Check out our Community Acupuncture FAQ and this list of 11 things to know before your appointment. Scheduling your appointment in advance is required. You may book an acupuncture appointment via phone (434-218-7677) or online.

Your first appointment will take about 90 minutes (including first session paperwork), and subsequent appointment will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. You may stay longer and relax in one of our zero gravity chairs if space allows.  If it is your first visit to our acupuncture clinic, please arrive 15 minutes in advance to fill out the necessary paperwork. All clients should wear loose fitting clothing so that the acupuncturist can best access different parts of your body in a community setting.

Please call us at 434-218-7677 to book or with any questions! You can book an acupuncture appointment online from here.