Common Ground’s 2017 Space Renovation

This December Common Ground is renovating and reducing our space. We are keeping the current yoga room and acupuncture room, and modifying how they are used. The Fountain Fund, a nonprofit that improves the lives of the formerly incarcerated through lending, financial education, and community support, will be moving into the space that Common Ground is letting go of. Construction began this past week, and will pick back up in December. The plan for continuing services during this month is below. Our hope is to be back into our remodeled space at the beginning of January!

Reduced Space

  • Our new space will begin at the wall between the current reception area and the tea room. This wall was constructed this past weekend, Saturday November 18th!
  • The wall between the acupuncture room and the tea room will be knocked down making the tea room a little bigger.
  • The tea room will become the new reception area. We will add furniture in the hallway for an overflow waiting area.
  • The current acupuncture room will be divided into a massage room and office space.
  • The yoga room will be a multifunction room shared between acupuncture, yoga, and meditation.
  • Three of the dressing rooms will collapse into one room for an acupuncture table. This means there will only be one usable entrance to the yoga room. One or two of the yoga cabinets will become acupuncture storage. One of these cabinets will need to be locked to protect the materials.

 Awkward Wall for 2 Weeks 

As mentioned above, the wall in between the tea room and the current reception area was built over the November 18th weekend. For the next two weeks our space will have this wall down the middle of it. So far it’s going pretty well!

December Plan for Services

During the month of December Common Ground will have a staff member at a desk in the hallway outside of our space. This is where you will get checked in and where we will take payment. This staff member will then direct you to the temporary location of our December services: acupuncture in in a side room at the African American Heritage Center, and massage downstairs in a lovely room.

Evening and weekend yoga and meditation will carry on as usual in our yoga space. Noon Meditation with IMCC – will happen across the street at Mind and Life Institute. Meditators are welcome to still park at the Jefferson School.

As usual, we will be closed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s. We hope to be back up and running as (our new) normal the first week of the new year.

Please feel very welcome to email with any questions. We are gratefully accepting financial donations to support us with this renovation, and there is even a generous anonymous donor who is matching $25,000 of our fundraising efforts at this time!

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